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Who We Are

The Coalition for Better Housing is a think-tank and government affairs association of rental property owners and affiliated businesses of San Francisco’s rental property industry.

Established in 1979, CBH was formed to fight — and successfully defeated — Proposition U, a rent control ordinance. CBH then set its sights on bringing a healthier real estate climate to rental housing industry. CBH has been on the vanguard of all housing issues since and is regarded as one of the most effective and influential advocacy organizations in San Francisco.

A Commitment to Effective Government

The Coalition for Better Housing believes that government and the housing industry must work hand in hand if our industry is to thrive and our city prosper. We’re a hands-on organization, geared to meeting the city’s needs by providing the private sector with the informational tools to get the job done.

San Francisco City Hall

At City Hall

The Coalition has been a constant watchdog at both City Hall and the State Capitol in Sacramento, keeping tabs on the process, offering comments, and shaping the political and governmental environment in which we live and do business.

Whether testifying before the Rent Stabilization Board, talking one-on-one with the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors, or tracking down city department staff to clarify legislation, our presence is felt and our voice is heard.

CBH members play an active role in City Hall decision-making, and our members have served in important positions on the Rent Stabilization Board. In short, CBH members participate in every official public forum where housing policy is discussed.

voting sign and I Voted stickers

At the Polls

When the occasion demands, our political network generates the calls and letters public officials need to gauge public sentiment. The Coalition provides the leadership necessary for the housing industry’s political success. CBH has great influence in all elections of candidates and issues affecting the San Francisco housing industry.

SF Market St.

For Your Business

Membership in the Coalition keeps your well informed, providing the latest local news that affects your business, development or property. The CBH UPDATE gives you the latest developments in a concise and informative format. News you need, available only in the UPDATE.

Once a month, regular membership meetings provide an opportunity for discussion with CBH staff, sharing information among the membership, and an opportunity as well to hear from a variety of expert, informative and provocative speaker.

Most important to members, our CBH staff is always Available by phone or in person to answer questions and provide advice.

How to Join

The Coalition for Better Housing is comprised of the owners of over 20,000 apartment units in San Francisco and the many associated businesses. We help members to protect their rights, maintain their businesses and informed about the issues that impact them.

Legislative Activity

CBH keeps you informed about local and state legislation that can affect your business.


Each month CBH hosts a luncheon where we discuss the issues and hear from invited speakers — often including the Mayor and members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

CBH Update

Through our “UPDATE” newsletter we keep members apprised of the issues that affect the rental property industry.

CBHPAC and Legal Foundation

CBH Political Action Committee follows local issues to inform members on ballot issues that impact their businesses. The CBH Legal Foundation supports legal challenges to unconstitutional and damaging laws.

We look forward to serving you as a member.

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